Our Unique Projects

Automatic Car parking System:

This micro-controller based embedded system helps the easy and effective way of managing pay and parks. When the vehicle approaches the entrance an IR based sensor senses the presence of vehicles . If any parking slot is free the slot number will be displayed in the LCD and the gate will be opened using a stepper motor. The driver can easily detect the free parking slot. If none of the slots are free the system will display “ PARKING FULL “ and gate will not be opened. The parking information is made available in the PC also .

Major Technologies Implemented:
  • Stepper motor interface design
  • Embedded Controller Architecture and Programming
  • Communication Protocols
Project Cycle:
  • Determining the requirements of the embedded system
  • Designing the system architecture
  • Selecting the Operating system
  • Choosing the processor and the associated peripherals
  • Choosing the development platform
  • Coding the application and optimizing the code
  • Verification of the software on the host system
  • Circuit Designing. 
  • PCB Layout. 
  • Device Test.
  • Verification of the software on the target system
  • Documentation
Major Components used

    1. 8051
    2. MAX 232
    3. 7805 - 5 V regulator
   4. 11.0592MHz Xtal
   5. LEDs
   6. 230/0-12 Transformer
   7. 4.7uF capacitor
   8. 1000uF capacitor
   9. IR detector
  10. ULN 2803 stepper motor driver

Project Associates: Floyd Tauro , Chetahan V  and Sushanth

SNM Eagle Eye - Unmanned Air Vehicle

Aerial photography /videography has wide applications in most of the fields like irrigation, rescue operations, defence, amusement, entertainment etc. 
UAV certainly can contribute effectively in all these applications.
It has been observed many a times under unfavorable weather conditions like overheat and overcool regions, flood affected regions taking up rescue operations, providing essential food and medicines to the affected public (as observed in recent rescue operations done in Uttarakhand ) is really herculean task. This can be handled effectively and easily with UAV.

As agriculture is backbone of our country’s economy and most of the farmers still rely on human skills and efforts in irrigation expected output is not achieved. If UAV can be utilized for seeding process and spraying pesticides to the crops, massive irrigation processes can be handled easily and effectively.

The proposed outcome of the project was 

1.The model should be controlled with radio control. 

2. It should handle aerial/ photography and videography.

3. It should fly at a height within the visible range of the operator. 

The personal contribution is 

1. all the team members have worked really hard for a period of 6 months 

2. We have invested an amount of Rs.78,000/-  

The team consists of 7 members Rajath J, Abhishek Kotian, Prajwal Suvarna, Nihal Kumar, Sourabh Bhat, Sushrath Shetty, Kishor Kumar. The name of the project is S N M Eagle Eye and the team name is Air Mech.

An unmanned aerialvehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, it is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Its flight is either controlled autonomously by computers in the vehicle, or under the remote control of a navigator, or pilot on the ground.

UAVs perform a wide variety of functions. The majority of these functions are some form of remote sensing and armed videography.

Our project is mainly based on aerial videography which is helpful for defence purposes etc. The dimensions of our UAE are given below:

Ø Wingspan: 102 in.

Ø Length: 98 in.

Ø Wing Area: -sq. in.

Ø Weight: -kgs Approximately.

Principle of UAV:

The principles of flight for a model airplane are the same forces that act on all airplanes. Most remote control airplanes are propeller driven, the exceptions being some jet models and gliders. The main difference between the original plane and the modified plane designed by us is that the plane is modified to get a maximum glide ratio and to obtain maximum flight capacity as well as to lift more payload.

The inner structure of fuelage and wings are made of plywood to give the rigid support to the plane and 3mm and 5mm balsa sheet are used for covering the frame. A glow booster is used to supply the required voltage for the glow plug in order to start the engien a 10cc engine with an RPM range of 2000-15000. A spinner is used to reduce the draga at nose of engine. The remote controls are connected to the servos inside the plane in the sir and landing through a wireless connection.

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